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Namaste! Welcome to the Indian Yoga Gurukul

Gurukul school of yoga science provides online yoga classes. Online Yoga Classes are just like the Face to face Yoga Classes in a low budget. Here our Trained Indian Yoga Instructor will give you proper training of yoga directly from India and you can practice yoga under the guidance of Indian Yogis. You can just listen, Watch and even ask any questions during the classes. Here are personalized classes too that will solve your physical problem or disease. Choose from the plans that fit on you and enter the world of real Indian yogis


Monthly subscriptions plan

Your subscription plan will give you access to real Indian yogis’ classes. The main thing to promote the Indian real Yoga all over the world taught by qualified teachers from India. Our yoga Instructor will help you to learn the actual pose and alignment of Asanas. You will practice all the yoga like hatha yoga, Astanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga, power yoga etc. We follow to teach all the different level styles from beginner to advance levels. we also provide a question and answer session after the class. Make the subscribe regularly and you will always find the right fit for your practice!

On-demand/ Personalized classes plan

This is the most demanding yoga plan for those who are looking for a personal yoga trainer. If your body has specific stiffness or you want to be more attention you must join this program. The aim of this class is to the fulfillment of special requirements. That is available to purchase at a low price. In most of the countries, everyone is practicing or try to do practice yoga but almost they have not the proper techniques to practice yoga. If you want to stand one out of that people you can subscribe to our on-demand/personalized plan and you will find life-changing experience. If you do regularly practice You can purchase advance quality classes these class series subscription plans to access advanced yoga.



Easy To Learn With Indian Yoga Guru


  •  The real-time Learning process that enhances the technique to do yoga and help you to make a perfect posture.
  • Two-way communication (Instructor and learner can see each other in 360* technique directions)
  • Same time Question and answer session during the practice.
  • Yoga helps Body and Emotional Detoxification
  • Just pay only 20% of the course amount to book the class. The rest amount would be paid after two classes.
  • Learn with English Language instructions.


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Language:   English, hindi

Cost:   INR 1500

Duretion:   15 Days



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